Welcome to the sights and sounds of Rodgers Organs and Johannus Organs of St. Louis.

A division of Steinway Piano Gallery, we serve the areas of Missouri, Illinois and Iowa.

We specialize in providing organs to meet your musical needs and specifications; whether digital, pipe, or a custom combination of both.




Since 1958, Rodgers Organs has been a leader in the organ industry in the United States. Rodgers organs capture the essence of the American pipe organ sound and can transform a worship service with its beautiful sound. Unlike other digital organ companies, Rodgers has spent millions of dollars on Research and Development. With "no expense spared" commitment to tonal design, Rodgers has developed authentic pipe organ sound so realistic it is often indistinguishable from authentic pipes. 


In January 2016, Rodgers Instruments Corp was purchased by the Global Organ Group. The Global Organ Group is the largest builder of digital church organs in the world, building Johannus Organs, Makin Organs, Copeman Hart Organs and Rodgers Organs. These four organ brands are unique in nature, but consistent in quality and tradition. Rodgers is the American flagship brand for the Global Organ Group. With special acclaim in technology and Research and Development, Rodgers is an industry leader in technological flexibility. 

We pride ourselves in our service and attention to detail. Rodgers Organs of St. Louis serves areas of Missouri, Illinois and Iowa.



Johannus is the undisputed leader in the European church organ market. Established in 1968, Johannus has a broad range of instruments from very small home organs wtih built in speakers to enormous custom-designed instruments for churches, cathedrals and concert halls. Steeped in European tradition and character, Johannus Ecclesia 2, 3 and 4 manual and pedal organs are semi-customizable with stop choices, cabinet choices and many other features. 


If you can dream it, we can probably build it. Because our organs are flexible in design, it is possible to rearrange stops, add or delete stops and pistons, choose from a traditional color or match the interior of your church or home. 

Many churches choose to add the Johannus Ecclesia Johannus or Monarke organs to their existing pipes. We are experts in this field and would honor the opportunity to meet with your organ committee to discuss the options. 

Johannus of St. Louis serves the St. Louis region and Eastern Missouri. 



The consultants at Rodgers Organs of St. Louis have thousands of successful installations (and delighted customers) to their credit.  From southern Missouri to northern Illinois and everywhere in between, here are the most recent churches, schools, and individuals to invest in their music program with the purchase of a Rodgers organ.



It's not enough to view a photo of a Rodgers Organ.  You need to hear one and watch one played.  From YouTube videos to MP3 downloads, let us regale you with the sights and sounds of the best instruments in the industry. 
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Upstairs Organ at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Edina, Missouri