With the same care and consideration that led to your Rodgers Organ selection, our team of professionals will ensure that every aspect of your instrument’s installation is carried out with our dedication and meticulous attention to detail. Rodgers Organ installations are a hallmark of our commitment to our clients. Here is an overview of what to expect:


Exacting measurements for the instrument’s location will have been considered prior to the sale. However, at the same time as console selection, it will be imperative to discuss speaker placement. The options are many, and given the dimensions of the venue, hall, or church, any obstructions must also be considered. The goal, however, remains the same: to provide optimal and authentic sound to resonate throughout the entire space. Any necessary adjustments, such as placement changes, snaking speaker wire through ceilings, floors, or wire runs, will be made during our Rodgers Organ installations.

No Detail Overlooked


Critical to the success of your install is voicing. It is a major consideration that Rodgers Organs’ staff take professional pride in performing with deliberate care. This attention to detail verifies that the full range of your organ’s color, shading, nuance, and tonality will be both expressed and heard. This crucial step takes several hours running the instrument through its many paces and making adjustments to adjust articulation, volume, and tuning until everything is ‘just right’. The result will bring immeasurable joy to performers and listeners alike.  


From our latest installation to photos from recent events, enjoy the sights associated with Rodgers Organs of St. Louis! We hope you find these photographs inspiring, especially those where the organist is seated at their new instrument for the first time. The professionals at Rodgers Organs have decades of experience in the sales, installation, and maintenance of our fine instruments. However, the human element is of paramount importance to our team. Making certain that every aspect of our Rodgers Organ installations process exceeds our clients’ expectations at the onset as well as through the years, is what fuels our desire to succeed. 

Rodgers Organs proudly serves families, congregations, and musical and educational venues within the greater St. Louis area as well as the states of Missouri, Illinois, and Iowa. We invite you to bring us your musical requirements so we may assist you to achieve your dream to own the optimal Rodgers Organ for your house of worship, concert hall, educational facility, or residence. Call us at (314) 344-1133. If you prefer, you may contact us at  


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