For more than three decades, the staff at Rodgers Organs of St. Louis have provided an instrument of exceptional quality to churches across the Midwest, in nearly every tradition and denomination, as well as schools, colleges, universities, funeral homes, and private homes.  Rodgers Organs of St. Louis takes a singular delight in assisting all of these good people in the creation and performance of joy-bringing music and in their weekly services of praise and worship.


This is an extensive, though not exhaustive or fully complete list of ROSL's installations through the years.




First Christian Church                                           Carbondale, IL                                        Two manual 835

Afton Christian Church                                        St. Louis, MO                                          Two manual 805B

Compton Heights Christian Church             St. Louis, MO                                          Two manual 751E

Parkway Christian Church                                  Springfield, IL                                         Two manual 788

Mackinaw Christian Church                               Mackinaw, IL                                            Two manual 807

First Christian Church                                           Pittsfield, IL                                              Two manual 787

Glen Oak Christian Church                                Peoria, IL                                                   Two manual 787

Arrowsmith Christian Church                           Arrowsmith, IL                                         Two manual 557

Union Avenue Christian Church                    St. Louis, MO                                          Four manual 1038




Athens Christian Church                                    Athens, IL                                                 Two manual A678

Golden’s Point Christian Church                   Hamilton, IL                                              Two manual 690

First Christian Church                                           Vandalia, MO                                           Two manual 580

Saybrook Christian Church                               Saybrook, IL                                            Two manual 790

Stronghurst Christian Church                         Stronghurst, IL                                       Two manual 790




All Saints Episcopal                                               St. Louis, MO                                          Three Manual custom 940 w/ 4 ranks of Moller pipes

Holy Cross Episcopal                                           Poplar Bluff, MO                                    Two manual 837

St. Paul’s Episcopal                                              Ironton, MO                                              Two manual 645 w/2 ranks of Rodgers pipes

St. Martin’s Episcopal                                           Ellisville, MO                                            Three manual 588

All Saints Episcopal                                               Morton, IL                                                  Two manual 807




St. Peter’s United Church of Christ              Owensville, MO                                     Three manual 940

St. John’s United Church of Christ               Valmeyer, IL                                             Three manual 958

St. Mark’s United Church of Christ                Arnold, MO                                               Two manual 525

Bethany-Peace United Church of Christ        Florissant, MO                                        Two manual 835

Peoria Heights United Church of Christ    Peoria Heights, IL                                 Two manual 577

Church of the Master                                            Florissant, MO                                        Three manual 928

St. Martin’s United Church of Christ             Dither, MO                                                Two manual 558




Ken Wehrenberg                                                   Red Bud, Il                                                Harpsichord

Dorothy Smith                                                          Moro, IL                                                      Two manual 610

Dennis Ottolini                                                         St. Charles, MO                                     Two manual 751

Stephen McMullen                                                St. Louis, MO                                          Two manual 525

Jerry Johnson                                                          St. Louis, MO                                          Two manual 525

George Andersson                                               Town and Country, MO                     Two manual 535

Marlene Skrivan                                                       Washington, MO                                   Two manual 577

Dr. Jeffrey Knob                                                                        Manchester, MO                                   Two manual 557

Dr. James Gieselmann                                         Poplar Bluff, MO                                    Two manual 525

Ray Bentley                                                               Alton, IL                                                      Three manual A778

Phyllis Kuhns                                                            St. Louis, MO                                          Three manual A778

John Bozzola                                                            Carbondale, IL                                        Two manual A678

Fr. Joseph Havrilka (Rectory)                           Marysville, IL                                            Two manual C-330

Fr. Jeff Holtman (Rectory)                                  Granite City, IL                                        Two manual C-330




Illinois State University                                         Normal, IL                                                  Three manual 927

Lewis and Clark Community College           Godfrey, Il                                                  Three manual 908

Rockwood School District                                 Ellisville, MO                                            C-230 Harpsichord

The Principia College                                           Elsah, IL                                                     Harpsichord

The Principia Lower School                             Clayton, MO                                             Three manual 990




Kurrus Funeral Home                                           Belleville, IL                                              Two manual 645

Ziegenheim and Sons                                         St. Louis, MO                                          Two manual 520

Irwin Chapel                                                               Granite City, Il                                          Two manual 520

Bisch and Sons Funeral Home                       Springfield, IL                                         Two manual 520

Weirauch Funeral Home                                     Harrisburg, IL                                           Two manual 520

Gaerdner Funeral Home                                     Belleville, Il                                                Two manual 525




West County 7th Day Adventist                      Chesterfield, MO                                  Two manual 807 w/4 ranks of Wicks pipes

Agape 7th Day Adventist                                                      St. Louis, MO                                          Two manual 557




Second Church of God                                       Decatur, IL                                                Two manual 530

Catlin Church of Christ                                         Catlin, IL                                                     Two manual 702

Pittsfield Church of the Nazarene                 Pittsfield, IL                                              Two manual 790

Edgemont Bible Church                                                      Fairview Heights, Il                               Two manual 835B

Unity Church                                                             Clayton, MO                                             Three manual 905

Waymen AME Church                                         St. Louis, MO                                          Two manual 805

First Church of Christ, Scientist                      Springfield, IL                                         Two manual 790

United Hebrew Congregation                         Chesterfield, MO                                  Three manual 957

Church of the Brethren                                       Champaign, IL                                        Two manual 535




Zion Presbyterian Church                                                                                                         Two manual C-505

Calvary Presbyterian Church                           St. Louis, MO                                          Two manual 805C

United Presbyterian Church                            Wood River, IL                                        Two manual 805C

Southminster Presbyterian Church             Crestwood, MO                                     Three manual 957

Rock Presbyterian Church                                Imperial, MO                                             Two manual 577

Berea Presbyterian Church                              St. Louis, MO                                          Two manual 657

John Knox Presbyterian                                   Florissant, MO                                        Two manual 677

Steelvile Presbyterian Church                        Steelville, MO                                         Two manual A657



Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church                 St. Louis, MO                        Three manual 940

St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church                                                                         Two manual 805B

Our Lady of Perpetual Help                                                Maryville, IL                             Three manual 905

Carmel of St. Joseph                                                              Clayton, MO                           Two manual 835

Saints Mary and Joseph Catholic Church                   Carlinville, IL                           Two manual 835

St. Francis Cabrini Catholic Church                                Springfield, IL                       Two manual 530

Christ the King Catholic Church                                       Springfield, IL                       Three manual 960

Our Lady Queen of Peace                                                  Bethalto, IL                             Two manual 602

Visitation Monastery                                                               St. Louis, MO                        Two manual 805B

St. Gertrude’s Catholic Church                                         Highland, IL                            Two manual 520

St. Agatha Catholic Church                                                Athens, IL                               Two manual 835

White House Retreat Center                                             St. Louis, MO                        Two manual 835B

St. Jude Catholic Church                                                     Overland, MO                       Two manual 790

Our Lady Help of Christians Catholic Church           Weingarten, MO                  Two manual 525

St. Pius V Catholic Church                                                  Walsh, IL                                  Two manual 535

St. Vincent’s Catholic Church                                           Marthasville, MO                  Two manual 795

St. Patrick of Merna Catholic Church                             Bloomington, IL                 Three manual 957 with 6 ranks of Colby pipes

Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church            St. Louis, MO                        Two manual 787

Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church                            Springfield, IL                       Three manual 967

All Souls Catholic Church                                                    Overland, MO                       Two manual

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church                          Washington, MO                 Three manual 927

St. Andrew Catholic Church                                               St. Louis, MO                        Three manual 908

Sisters of the Most Precious Blood Convent           O’Fallon, MO                         Two manual 548

St. Joseph Catholic Church                                               Edina, MO                           Two manual 558/two manual - front of church

                                                                                                                                               2-manual 579 w/11 ranks of Kilgen pipe in Gallery

Assumption Catholic Church                                             Chamois, MO                        Two manual 520

Holy Family Catholic Church                                               Litchfield, IL                           Three manual 905

St. Joseph Catholic Church                                               Boneterre MO                      Two manual 805

Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church                       Dupo, IL                                   Two manual 790

Church of the Epiphany                                                       Normal, IL                                Three manual 950

Holy Angels Catholic Church                                             Wood River, IL                      Two manual 807

Old St. Patrick Catholic Church                                        Bloomington, IL                 Two manual 837 with 4 ranks of Rodgers pipes

St. Michaels Catholic Church                                             Steelville, MO                       Two manual 537

St. John Bosco Catholic Church                                     Maryland Heights, MO     Two manual 677

St. Joseph Catholic Church                                               Loda, IL                                    Two manual 557

Church of the Ascension                                                     Chesterfield, MO                Three manual 958

St. John Vianney Catholic Church                                 Sherman, IL                           Two manual 557

St. Robert Bellarmine Catholic Church                        St. Charles, MO                   Two manual 577

St. Clare of Assisi Catholic Church                                 Ellisville, MO                          Two manual Infinity 243

St. Margaret Mary Alacoque Catholic Church           St. Louis, MO                        Three manual 950 with 4 ranks of Rodgers pipes



Rock Chapel African Methodist Episcopal                 St. Louis, MO                        Two manual C-685

St. Matthew United Methodist Church                         Belleville, IL                            Four manual custom

St. Matthew United Methodist Church                         Belleville, IL                            Two manual790 - chapel

First United Methodist Church                                          Wood River, IL                      Two manual - 835

Zion United Methodist                                                           St. Louis, MO                        Two manual 805

Perryville United Methodist Church                               Perryville, MO                       Two manual 520

United Methodist Church                                                    Hillsboro, IL                            Two manual 610

United Methodist Church                                                    Downs, IL                                Two manual 535

United Methodist Church                                                    Pawnee, IL                             Two manual 790

United Methodist Church                                                    Morton, IL                                Two manual 835

St. Luke's United Methodist Church                             St. Louis, MO                        Two manual 578

Evangelical United Methodist Church                          Washington, IL                     Two manual 807

Park United Methodist Church                                         Hannibal, MO                        Two manual 807

First United Methodist Church                                          Jerseyville, IL                        Two manual 807

United Methodist Church                                                    Elwin, IL                                    Two manual 807

Forrest Hills United Methodist Church                         Peoria, IL                                 Two manual 837

United Methodist Church                                                    Kingston Mines, IL             Two manual 525

First United Methodist Church                                          Harrisburg, IL                         Two manual 837

United Methodist Church                                                    Gillman, IL                                Two manual 790

United Methodist Church                                                    Waynesville, MO                 Two manual 787

Christ United Methodist Church                                      Fairview Heights, IL           Two manual 837

St. Stephen United Methodist Church                        Troy, MO                                  Two manual 787

United Methodist Church                                                    Moscow Mills, MO               Two manual 537

First United Methodist Church                                          Festus, MO                            Three manual 927 w/6 ranks of Wicks pipes

Main Street United Methodist Church                          Alton, IL                                    Three manual custom 968

St. James United Methodist Church                             St. James, MO                      Two manual 657

Grace United Methodist Church                                      Jacksonville, IL                     Four manual 1038 w/ 20 is of Moller pipes

First United Methodist                                                           Park Hills, MO                        Two manual 658

First United Methodist Church                                          Godfrey, IL                              Three manual 908