• We exist solely because of our clients. Our highest priority is to serve them with timeless, responsiveness, and thorough follow-through. We will do "whatever it takes" to deliver quality service.

  • We believe that while great music is timeless, each generation has different requirements.

  • We are committed to the traditional "American Classic" and "American Eclectic" schools of organ tonal design. However, at the same time we specialize in the design of organs that fully integrate acoustic, digital, and MIDI resources.

  • We employ "cutting edge" software-based technologies for (1) reliability and (2) unlimited future expansion.

  • We strive for excellence in everything that we do, and we are not satisfied with any products or performance that is less than the best in its field.

  • Understanding the need for our clients to have full confidence in their investments, both now and for decades to come, we provide service individuals who are officially certified as Rodgers factory technicians. In addition, we have access to several of the finest nationally known specialists in pipe organ design and pipe voicing.