Organ music is inspirational and the instrument itself timeless. As a vehicle to elevate the human experience however, through recent decades the organ itself has been evolving. This transformation has been due in part to the efforts of Rodgers Church Organs whose team strives to apply technological advances to serve performers and audiences, both sacred and secular, around the globe.


As such, Rodgers has been an innovator whose ‘firsts’ include all-transistor church organs, successful pipe-electronic hybrid organs, as well as harnessing microprocessors, and USB storage to enrich church organ performance and appreciation. Today, Rodgers continues to be an industry leader in both hybrid and digital organ technologies, while maintaining its tradition to offer the highest craftsmanship and service excellence possible. 

Optimal Quality and Innovation


We provide Rodgers church organs for sale, as well as the Roland Classic Series, and invite you to review our gallery of superb instrument offerings. Whether you purchase an instrument from the Rodgers Infinity, Artist, or Inspire series, you will be making an investment in you, your congregation, or your venue’s musical future. This is not a responsibility our team takes lightly. 


We proudly serve the greater St. Louis area as well as the states of Missouri, Illinois, and Iowa. Speak with us regarding your specific requirements so that our professionals may assist you in making your selection from our portfolio of magnificent  Rodgers church organs. Call us at (314) 344-1133. If you prefer, you may contact us at We look forward to serving you. 


Rodgers Organs - Infinity Series

Infinity Series

Rodgers Organs - Inspire Series

Inspire Series

Rodgers Organs - Artist Series

Artist Series

Rodgers Organs - Roland Classic Series

Roland Classic Series

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