Rodgers Organs Infinity Series

Power. Expression. Exhilaration. Rodgers Organs’ Infinity Series is unmatched among digital and pipe hybrid organs. Proprietary technology that includes Rodgers’ Natural Pipe Realism™ sets the Rodgers organ apart and continues to raise the bar for exceptional realistic tonality even higher. Regardless of musical genre, from congregation to concert hall, every performance is lifted to resonate within even the largest venue with exceptional expression and versatility. For these and additional unique attributes, Rodgers Organs Infinity series’ authenticity and capability is truly awe-inspiring. 


Cabinetmaker consoles belie technology attuned to exceed even the most discerning performer’s requirements. Rodgers Organs Infinity Series additionally includes exclusive Dimensional Sound Placement™ to resonate sound parallel to that of pipe organ sonic flows. This technology projects multi-directional sound characteristics and creates a breathtaking spatial presence. The Infinity Series’ additional advancements include player controls from a collection of voices included with the  Library Access™ feature, allowing for full-customization, and a pedalboard that is tempo-responsive. These enhancements are among an extensive range of controls that may be selected and assigned to inspire a customized and inspired performance.  

The decision to purchase an instrument of the highest quality is not one that is taken lightly. Rodgers Organs, St. Louis, is a family-run enterprise that has proudly partnered to purvey a select group of Rodgers Organs Infinity Series. We serve the greater St. Louis region as well as Missouri, Illinois, and Iowa. When you purchase an instrument from our family, you will be making an investment in yourself, your congregation, or your venue for decades to come. Our team respects your commitment by offering the finest instruments, along with providing service excellence, now and into the future. 

We invite you to review our gallery of superb instrument offerings. Speak with us regarding your specific requirements so that our professionals may assist you in making your selection from our portfolio of Rodgers Organs Infinity Series instruments. We look forward to serving you when you call us at (314) 344-1133. If you prefer, you may contact us at