Trinity Lutheran: A historic church that made a SOUND choice!

Trinity Lutheran Church - Freidheim, MO

Several years ago historic Trinity Lutheran - a church which was founded 166 years ago and has a present building which is 157 years old -- began the process of determining the proper organ to replace their very old Killeen pipe organ - one that was very limited in tonal color. During the process, the congregation had the opportunity hear both an Allen organ and Rodgers organ in their building at the same time.

The organists preferred the Rodgers organ but the decision had to be voted on by the congregation. When placed before the congregation the decision was unanimous with all participants voting for the Rodgers. The number one reason was SOUND. All interested folks agreed - the Rodgers sound was closest to that of a pipe organ. Additionally the organist features were far superior to those of the other organ and were standard features, not optional at additional cost.

What an exciting day when the installation came. With the help of the pastor and several laymen in the congregation, the old Kilgen console was lowered from the balcony and the new Rodgers console hoisted into place on a newly installed oak floor in the middle of the balcony.

The audio system was placed in the old organ chamber with additional small presence speakers mounted on the face of the balcony to further expand the sound.

Trinity Lutheran

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